An intuitive tarot reading uses cards to gain insight and understanding into relationships, life situations, and phases of personal development. These consultations highlight subconscious limitations, to reveal a more deeper spiritual perspective. Readings are tuned into working with the higher self rather than spiritual beings, because not everything that comes from mediumistic methods that enters into non physical realms is necessarily tuned into the highest spiritual truth. 

Within the Intuitive tarot readings/consultations, your reading may not necessarily focus on predicting the unfolding of future experiences, rather work with the deeper, transformational energies which can lead one towards greater self-awareness/realisation, and feel support, which in turn raises consciousness.


  • Gain a deeper insight into your life
  • Confirm the direction you may be heading in is the correct one or not
  • Have a better understanding of your journey
  • Receive new ideas on how to achieve your life goals
  • Help you overcome feelings of stress, sadness and angry


The future is not set in stone, so a sense of connecting with what’s coming with expanded awareness is used to be helpful and reshape events where needed. This can be achieved through healing emotions and beliefs connected with the past, present, future, and to meet any challenging situation with fresh possibilities. 

Tarot readings are very much effective if one is interested in deepening perception of the energy waves currently existing through life events and relationships. The cards communicate with its energies and mystical symbols giving support to the seeker.

If you are seeking guidance to explore your potential transformation with deeper truths in whatever the current life story, then a tarot reading/consultation makes a wonderful gift for the Soul.

Sessions can take place via the Telehealth video option if you do not live local. Please make your payment in advance to secure your appointment by clicking on the 'Book Now' button on the right of the pageAlternatively, you can email Sukh directly.

Intuitive Tarot Reading/Guidance

30 / 60 Mins Consultation

  £35.00 / £ 50.00

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