It is mental health awareness week, with a focus on ‘kindness’, so let’s talk body kindness with Tai Chi Qigong. History has given this art to help individuals seek peace and harmony with nature. When practiced regularly, the effects can be felt immediately.

The ancient form, known as Chinese yoga cultivates Qi (life energy) and incorporates deep breathing and stretching.  

Our Qigong practice and classes help to work mind and body to reach its fullest potential.

When we manage to become kind to ourselves, we are better able to genuinely offer the same level of kindness back into the world, and authentically with others. Genuine kindness does not need to boast, or make a display of itself to the public. It just is.

Let your kindness silently create the 100th monkey ripple effect, where the mass collective vibration lifts naturally, and demonstrates authentic kindness with humility - without the ‘I’, ‘me’ or ‘mine’ - Remember, we are all in this world together, moving and breathing as One. Let's remain connected as one human family.

Some Mental Health Benefits

Balance emotions; emotions become balanced on their own during practice. The mind becomes calm in practice. This helps those suffering with anxiety or depression

Reduce stress; works to relax both mind and body when you relax during movement

Improve memory and focus; regular practitioners boost beta waves

Increases vitality and energy; natural improvement in chi flow

Improve quality of life for cancer patients; studies show the practice improves quality of life for cancer patients, reduces fatigue and stress

Some Physical Health Benefits

Strengthens the immune system with the increase of monocyte and lymphocyte (white blood cells)

Improves function of digestive system as the organs receive an internal massage during practice, and gives more oxygen to the blood.

Qigong strengthens mind body connection, and we become more aware of the body, which in turn helps to strengthen nerves.

Qigong also builds relaxed power, therefore loosens tight muscles

Stay kind x