Tai Chi Qigong originated as a form of self-defence, and today is identified as a form of moving meditation giving the practitioner the same cognitive benefits of traditional seated meditation, including sense of awareness, mindfulness and inner calm, supporting both mind and body.

Tai Chi Qigong is often described as medication in motion and gives importance on ease of movement through a series of gentle bodily movements performed slowly and gracefully. These movements are recognised as ‘forms’ which are low impact and do not cause stress on the bones or joints. The fluidity of the movements doesn’t use force, therefore the body remains relaxed. 

What To Expect From Tai Chi Qigong Classes

The qigong classes slow down the ‘busy monkey mind’ as you learn to keep the focus on breath and when appropriate the physical sensations of the body in the present moment.  This in turn relieves stress and allows one to achieve unity with one’s essential nature. 

Studies reveal what Tai Chi and Qigong masters have known for Centuries. There are many healing benefits especially for people suffering with diabetes, osteoarthritis, and musculoskeletal pain triggered from working on computers.  Studies reveal regular practice reduces pain among arthritis and fibromyalgia patients, reduce hypertension, maintain bone density, promote heart health, enhance quality of life and fight depression, amongst other health benefits.  Studies also reveal tai chi qigong gives the same benefits as an exercise class without having to work out a sweat. Growing research is creating interest for Tai Chi Qigong as an addition alongside medical treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions associated with age, post-surgery and sports injuries. 

Sukh's online or offline Tai Chi Qigong classes are low impact, and suitable for young and old, easily adaptable for those in wheelchairs and recovering from surgery. Tai Chi Qigong or moving meditation reduces mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body. Many practitioners that attend classes often report improvement in low back pain and better sleep pattern. Traditional Chinese doctors always prescribe Qigong to those with digestive/gut issues and cancer diagnoses. This art is known to improve circulation, lung conditions, asthma. 

It has been suggested that Tai Chi Qigong will be recognised by many as medicine of the future and will eventually be prescribed by GPs because of its many health benefits.

Tai Chi Qigong Benefits

  • Increase energy, flexibility and agility
  • Improve health and well-being
  • Loosens and strengthens joints and muscles 
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Controls weight
  • Age slowly and gracefully
  • Improve posture, breathing, balance and muscle power
  • Helps with pain & stiffness in arthritis
  • Stress reduction and relaxation
  • Improve concentration, and mindfulness
  • Self esteem
  • Rejuvenate mind body and spirit
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Spiritual awareness and development
  • Improve core strength