Sukh ParmarHaving experienced health challenges in my early 20’s, I turned to holistic therapy and eastern medicine to create positive change in my own health & resolve limiting patterns within the subconscious mind. I haven’t looked back since!  Exploring self-care practices, I recognised how important it is to take responsibility of limiting patterns, health & well-being - the importance of transcending ego stories, and continue inner work to transform limiting beliefs into wisdom.

During my career amongst corporate giants and political figures, I became very passionate about meditation practices, eastern medicine and esoteric teachings, so began studying natural healing modalities with leading authorities in the field of well-being and spirituality.  So inspired by energy medicine, and its simple essence, I decided to leave a successful career in the City to follow my heart, and live a simple lifestyle that allows me to share with others, and continue to explore the nature of energy and natural therapies that facilitate balance and improve wellbeing.

I’ve explored a wide range of healing modalities over the fifteen years, and now practice as a facilitator of positive change for clients that seek it within their own body and life.

In addition, I’m certified and trained as a Tai Chi Qigong & Shakti Dance Teacher, and often find myself personalising Movement Therapy for clients.  Now, having developed the ability to work creatively and intuitively in delivering a bespoke holistic service, and treatments to clients locally, as well as globally over the phone.