Online Services

Intuitive Tarot Reading

Guidance for personal transformation and support for subconscious changes within mind, life and health

Distant Healing through Reiki

Support and enhance emotional well-being and the energy of the physical and etheric body

Lifestyle & Wellness Guidance

Explore the blueprint for vibrant health. Experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing with natural methods.

Tai Chi Qigong Online Classes

Cultivate mindful awareness and inner calm for vibrant health while moving the body gently.

Movement Therapy Program

Gentle stretches and exercises to relieve aches, pains, and stress within the mind & body.

Guided Group Meditation

Inner connection and community spirit. Complimentary 30mins meditation, Thursdays, 9pm, Email for invitation link

Common Conditions Supported

Head, neck, shoulder pain & tensions

Migraines and Headaches

Menstrual pain, discomfort, absence and PMS

PCO’s /Endometriosis

Sleep disorders / Insomnia

Hair loss

Stress / anxiety


IBS & digestive complaints and disorders

Infertility / fertility / Healthy pregnancy

Subconscious limited beliefs

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) / Fibromyalgia

Muscle tension

Back pain and Sciatica

Depression / Mental Health

Circulatory problems


Emotional stress re: major diagnosis ie cancer support

Sukh Parmar

Sukh Therapy offers holistic & remedial healthcare treatments for stress management, mental health, & Inner soul work

Healthy exercise and nutrition plays an important role in well-being, but too many individuals miss the importance of reducing emotional and physical stress. 

Many factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, sleep, stress, life story, environmental factors, the esoteric nature within bodywork and somatic psychology are also explored while treating each individual as a unique entity at Sukh Therapy. 

Health is a balance of physical, emotional & spiritual equilibrium. Whether you are aiming to address a health concern, or feel in need of ‘me time’, explore your optimal potential with Sukh Therapy. 

For intuituve readings and inner work that can lead one towards greater self-awareness, please visit intuitive tarot readings/consultations or the lifestlye wellness guidance service.